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===> Effectiveness vs. efficiency

Do you know the important difference between efficiency and effectiveness?
BTW: most people do NOT! Do you??

Efficiency = doing things right
Effectiveness = doing the RIGHT things.

What does that mean?

Well, lets have a look.............
You clean your house /apartment by yourself and you do that thoroughly and
THAT is efficiency = you are doing things right.

You you are a hard working man / woman - perhaps a business owner -
AND you make success eg you have got some money.

You make the decision: the house-cleaning will be delegated.
THAT is effectiveness = you are doing the RIGHT things
eg you take care of your biz = you make money = you can delegate certain
tasks and concentrate of your MAIN-task: your business :-)

You see: to behave in an effective way - thats a strategical question, so go
to the letter S and read about strategy!

Also go to letter P and read about the Pareto Principle that will revolutionize your life!


===> Eighty / twenty principle = 80 : 20 principle

Thats only another expression for Pareto Principle.
The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less.
Go to letter P and read about the so called Pareto Principle!


===> Elegance

Elegance is one of the main features of the dolphin-strategy. Goto letter S and read there about this exciting strategy of the dolphin and how it can be used in business


===> email address

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===> Emotions

The emotions we feel are triggered by things that are usually not at all "logical."
Go to letter E + read about epistemology and go to letter R + read about


===> Energy - YOUR energy

Managing your ENERGY, not time, is the key :-)

Time is limited (365days, 24hrs) to handle increasing demands in life.
We can manage this by increasing our ENERGY in four aspects:
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
The key is to challenge our energy limits to expand our energy capacity, and
to recover afterwards before the next challenge.

Go to letter S and read more about  STRATEGY there and about the book:
The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High
Performance and Personal Renewal
by Jim Loehr (Author), Tony Schwartz (Author)

The essential sentence is that

======> managing your ENERGY, not time, is the key to enduring high
as well as to health, happiness, and life

Go to letter S and read more about strategy there and about the book.


===> Enthusiasm

"One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30
days, but it is the man who has it for 30 years who makes
a success of his life."
Edward B. Butler, artist

Questions to Ponder
How long does my enthusiasm last?
How can I strengthen my enthusiasm?



===> Entrepreneurial Mindset - this point it under construction

well, nevertheless: some initial thoughts.........

"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
William Jennings Bryan

You want to create and nurture an Entrepreneurial Mindset?
You know that doing so means:
a lot of fun?
carries a lot of rewards?
Both professionally and personally?

Fine, then read on.......... here are some VERY important thoughts BEFORE
you should start your online business

"If nobody knows what the future will hold, your vision of how to navigate
it is as good as anyone's. The future may well belong to you."
Rita Gunther McGrath  and Ian MacMillan

Rita Gunther McGrath is an Associate Professor at the Columbia University
Graduate School of Business.
Ian MacMillan is the Fred R. Sullivan Professor of Entrepreneurship at
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

"Softly, softly
catchee monkey."

Are You the Entrepreneurial Type?
Deciding If Entrepreneurship and Running A Small Business Is For You
People often want to know if they are suited to becoming an entrepreneur.
"Do I have what it takes to succeed in business?" they ask.

As the job outlook remains tenuous for those looking to earn more than
minimum wage, more people are eyeing the American Dream of entrepreneurship.

But the fact is, business ownership isn't for everyone. There are a number
of characteristics that have been identified as prerequisites for success as
a business owner. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you
take the plunge into business, courtesy of the U.S. Small Business

Are you a good leader? Even at the outset, you won't be working in a vacuum.
Whether it's employees, suppliers, your banker or potential customers,
you'll need to get other people to do what you want them to do.

Can you make quick, effective decisions? Do you look to others for answers
or do you find the answers for yourself? Once you're a business owner,
you'll have to fend for yourself; there may be no one there to pick you up
and dust you off, much less tell you what to do.

Do you routinely set goals? You must know exactly where your business is
going as well as how and when you'll get there. And the only way that will
happen is if you develop-- and adhere to -- a specific plan.

Can you juggle many things at once? The business world is picking up the
pace every day, and if you're in charge, you'll have to keep a finger in
every pie and be on top of every situation at any given moment.

How's your health? Owning a business is like being the quarterback of a
football team, but with one bug exception; there's no second string. The
work will be relentless -- it's won't go away while you nurse a cold.

Do you really have time? Running a successful business is a full-time,
all-the-time, job. No matter how much time you think it will take, it will
always take more.

How's your risk tolerance? Particularly if you'll be moonlighting -- holding
down a day job you plan to quit when your new business gets up and
running -- you should know there never will be a "right" time to make that
permanent shift.

Is your family supportive? Will your spouse be content to spend weekends
alone, and will he or she be willing to handle all the household chores? Can
your kids survive Little League without your voice in the cheering section?
More to the point, will your family members be willing to lend a hand when

Do you have enough money? One of the most common reasons for the failure of
new business start-ups is that the owner failed to realize how much money it
takes -- and how fast the money you do have will disappear in the early
months. Have you accounted for all the necessary expenses -- from big ones
like advertising to the little ones like postage stamps? If you suddenly
need a few hundred dollars, can you put your hands on it within 24 hours?

If the answer to any of these questions if no, it may be wise to do a
priority check -- and rethink your decision to jump into the business
ownership ring.


Learn about  "The Seven Da Vincian Principles"

"curiosita" (curiosity and continuous learning),
"dimostrazione" (learning from experience),
"sensazione" (sensory awareness),
"sfumato" (accepting and embracing uncertainty),
"arte/scienza" (balancing art and science, or "whole-brain" thinking),
"corporalita" (physical fitness and ambidexterity) and
"connessione" (seeing the interconnectedness of everything).

Titel of the book is:
How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci : Seven Steps to Genius Every Day
by Michael J. Gelb (Author)

Go to letter S + read about this book and the details about
"The Seven Da Vincian Principles"  under the point success



will be continued.......



===> Epistemology - MOST important: the epistemology of the elite, read on :-)

Definition by von Glasersfeld:

"Radical Constructivism - 'What is radical constructivism? It is an
unconventional approach to the problem of knowledge and knowing.

It starts from the assumption that knowledge, no matter how it is defined, is in the
heads of persons, and that the thinking subject has no alternative but to
construct what he or she knows on the basis of his or her own experience.

What we make of experience constitutes the only world we consciously live
in. It can be sorted into many kinds, such as things, self, others, and so
on. But all kinds of experience are essentially subjective, and though I may
find reasons to believe that my experience may not be unlike yours, I have
no way of knowing that it is the same. The experience and interpretation of
language are no exception."

p.1 - 'Growing Up Constructivist', in, 'Radical Constructivism - A Way of
Knowing and Learning'.

Definition by von Glasersfeld at
and that is part of this bigger site at

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"
Shakespeare, Hamlet

Remember, too:
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
than are dreamt of in our philosophy."
Shakespeare, Hamlet

An old TAOISM story from China for YOU

"Who knows what it is good for"

An old farmer lives with his son. On their small farm, they
have just one horse. One day, the horse escapes and disappears into the
mountains. All the neighbours say, "Oh, how terrible for you", and the old
farmer just shrugs and says,
"Who knows what it is good for"

The next day, the horse returns to the farm - with a dozen wild horses
following it. All the neighbours say, "Oh, how wonderful for you!", and the
old farmer just shrugs and says,
"Who knows what it is good for"

A day later again, the son is attempting to break-in one of the wild horses
and is thrown off. His leg is badly broken in the fall. All the neighbours
say, "Oh, how terrible for you", and the old farmer shrugs and says,
"Who knows what it is good for"

Then the next day some men from the Army come to town to take away all the
fit and healthy young men. They are being forced to fight in a gruesome war
in a far-off country. The farmer's son, his leg badly broken, cannot go

All the neighbours say "Oh, how wonderful for you!" , and the old farmer
shrugs and says,
"Who knows what it is good for"

....and the cycle just continues again and again

This is a great strory to remember when you suffer a setback or heartbreak
of any sort; things can turn on a telephone call, a kind word from somebody,
or even just a good night's sleep. You might think  you've had some really
bad things happen to you lately; well, maybe, maybe not:

"Who knows what it is good for!"

It depends on how you look at it and what happens next.
Sometimes we can never even imagine in our wildest dreams what will happen
Thats what makes life such an exciting journey!


this story (BTW: my favorite story!) is a very good example to show the way of thinking of the so called radical constructivism, although this story is an ancient one:

while one person takes the view that THIS is bad, another person tells you that THIS is good! All depends on YOUR point of view, YOUR standpoint :-)

Well, which advantages + which benefits will the radical constructivism give you?

THREE great advantages and benefits:

1. freedom - in your brain, your heart, your thoughts and your ACTIONS - wow :-)

2. tolerance: IF there are many good reasons to take a certain view, and IF the several views are equivalent, equally good, equally significant - THEN there is no need for IN-tolerance, struggling, arguing and so on......... 

3. responsibility: your are responsible for YOUR thoughts, YOUR emotions and YOUR actions as well as every other person is.


===> Erickson

Milton Erickson (1901 - 1980), a US physician, is considered as one of the greatest
communicators of all times and HE is the creator of the MODERN art of hypnotherapy!

The pioneering efforts of Milton H. Erickson M.D. have provided
a foundation for the study of self-hypnosis and hypnosis.
An American psychologist and psychiatrist,
Erickson is considered to be the father of modern hypnosis.
He practiced hypnosis to optimize healing and change in his patients.

Erickson's view is that the psyche, mind and brain are directly integrated
in adjusting body processes in health and illness.
Erickson recognized the importance of a person's * inner resources *
for coping with physical and emotional problems.
He then UTILIZED these resources to facilitate the healing process and
the way of problem solving.

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to promoting and
advancing the contributions made to the health sciences by the late Milton
H. Erickson, M.D. through training mental health professionals and health
professions world wide.
here some audios for you to hear:
More about Erickson himself at
An Interview with Stephen R. Lankton, M.S.W., D.A.H.B.
An Interview with Camillo Loriedo
An Interview with Karen Olness, MD.
An Interview with Jay Haley, M.A.
An Interview with Viktor Frankl, M.D., Ph.D.
An Interview with Steve de Shazer, M.S.S.W.

Apropos de Shazer:
Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg are widely recognized as PIONEERS in the
field of brief consultation and key figures in the promotion of a
competency-based, constructivist orientation to therapy and consulting.
Both are, of course, solution-focused to the utmost. They are fantastic
communicators :-)
You can read all these interviews - if you want to do so - at




E-zines are listed under the letter N ===> newsletter, go to N + read there more about some very interesting e-zines / newsletters



===> Excuses

Either you make excuses or you make success = your choice!

=== F F F

===> Failure

"If You Fell Down Yesterday - Stand Up Today" - Anonymous

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently."
Henry Ford

===> Fear = the greatest enemy of all..........

"If you want to conquer fear, don't sit at home and think about
it. Go out and get busy. "
Dale Carnegie

What kind of fears do YOU have got?
What is the greatest fear of yours?

Up to now - which steps are you gone to overcome them / it?
Which steps could be more useful in your future?

===> FFA

What is an FFA?

FFA stands for Free For All links. An FFA is much like a classified ad
service, but only allows either links or links with limited text to capture
the attention of the reader. Once chosen to visit, the web surfer will
click on your URL and arrive at the web site you chose to advertise.

I will not discuss the use of FFAs on this site but it is good to know
what the term means. You will see it used often on the Internet.

There is only a very slim amount of benefits - if ANY -  for using an FFA
service eg POSTING to FFA!

Thus the general rule is: NEVER post to FFA but host one.

You`ll get many FFA for free + free lists,
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===> Financial success

Financial success, Carnegie believed, is due
======> 15 percent to professional knowledge and
======> 85 percent to "the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership,
and to arouse enthusiasm among people."

Go to letter C + read more about Dale Carnegie there.

Go to letter M + read more about "Money" there :-)

=== Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main features of the dolphin-strategy. Go to letter S and read there about this exciting strategy of the dolphin and how it can be used in business.


===> Focusing

"Well, quite simply, when you're focused on worrying about something,
you'll never be able to focus on a solution.
Be aware that your mind can NOT focus on two things at the same time...
it can either focus on the current situation and worry or a solution.
The choice is always yours."
Bob Proctor


===> Franklin, Benjamin

What would Ben Franklin think of the "Ben Franklin Close"?
By Jeffrey Gitomer

The Benjamin Franklin Close (also known as "The Balance Sheet Close") is one
of the classic old time sales tactics used to close a sale. Never heard of
it? Shame on you -- not enough sales training.

The scenario is this: You've made your presentation, but the prospect is on
the fence, and won't make up his or her mind. You've tried everything, but
can't get them to budge.
Then you say, "You know Benjamin Franklin was one of our wisest citizens,
wouldn't you agree, Mr. Johnson?" (Get prospect's agreement) "Whenever he
was faced with a decision -- and he had some pretty big ones back then -- he
would take a plain piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and put a
plus (+) on one half, and a minus (-) on the other."

"In his genius he discovered that by listing all the positive elements on
the plus side of the paper, and the negative things on the minus side, the
decision would become obvious -- pretty sound concept, agreed?" (Get
prospect's agreement)

"Let me show you how it works. Since you're having a tough time deciding,
lets list the benefits -- some of the reasons you may want to purchase. Then
we'll list the negatives. Fair enough?" (Get prospect's agreement)

Now you list every good thing about your product or service. Get the
prospect to say most of them. What the prospect says will be the main points
of interest to him. Take your time to develop a complete list. THEN YOU
SAY -- OK, let's list the negatives, and hand the pen to the prospect and
push the list towards him. Don't say a word. Usually the prospect can only
think of responses having to do with price or affordability.

In theory this sounds like a good way to close a sale.

The big problem with the Benjamin Franklin Close -- it's old world selling
that not only doesn't work, it annoys the buyer. Try that close on someone
who has ever taken a sales course, and it's an insult.

The reality of the sale is -- the prospect has already made up his mind --
he's just not telling you.

So should you just forget it and never use the Ben Franklin Close. Heck
no -- just use the Ben Franklin principle in a different way. Do what Ben
would have done -- figure out a new way and a better way, and use it.

Here's a powerful new way to re-use this classic close. Use it on
yourself -- before you make the sales call. Use it as a preparation tool.
Use it as a strategizing device. Use it to get ready to make a big sale. Get
a plain piece of paper (or your laptop), and draw a line down the middle of
the page.

on the plus side...
* List the prospect's main needs.
* List the questions you want to ask.
* List the benefits and main points you want to be sure to cover.
* List one or two personal things in common to discuss.
* List the decision makers.
* List why you believe they will buy.

on the minus side...
* List the reasons why the prospect may not buy -- and your responses.
* List the obstacles you may have to overcome.

Now you're ready to make the sale, and Ben helped you.

If you use the Ben Franklin Close on yourself, before you go in to make the
sale, then you can ask the buyer intelligent closing questions. For example,
questions that might lead with the phrases -- What are the major
obstacles...or, What would prevent you from..., or, Is there any reason not
to proceed with...?

That's a Ben Franklin close that Ben would be proud of -- the one you
prepare for yourself. You close yourself before you make the sale. Wow!

Try this new version of an old classic. Ben would be proud of you. So would
your boss.

I think it was Franklin who said, "A close in time saves nine - objections,"
but history has distorted it for the people who knit. Pity.


Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible, and Customer Satisfaction
is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless.
To order Jeffrey's many books and/or audios/CDs and videos goto
Being there click "other authors" on the left site, then you will find
Jeffrey Gitomer easily.

Visit Jim Rohn`s site = very rewarding + worthwhile.
Jim is America`s most famous business philosopher and a great
entrepreneur by himself, goto


===> FREE

What is a GOOD free give away?

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===> Fun

"The fun is in the doing, not the end result."


=== G G G

===> Giving


"Give First + Prove Your Worth" - make THIS  your online mantra!

GIVING  -   Read carefully    - Perhaps you`ll be deeply moved?
Marian Anderson got her start by scrubbing floors for ten cents
an hour so that she could buy a pawnshop violin. The church she
attended recognized her rare talent and raised money for a professional
voice teacher to work with her.
When the teacher pronounced her ready, she went to New York
where critics crucified her. She returned home to regroup.
Her mother and her church encouraged her and paid for more lessons.

Because of the intense racial prejudice in America, she went to Europe
and took the continent by storm. She came back to America and sang
at the Lincoln Memorial with more than 60,000 people in attendance.
She sang "O Mia Fernando," "Ave Maria," "Gospel Train," and
"My Soul Is Anchored in the Lord," among other songs...

One day a reporter asked Marian what the most satisfying moment
in her life was. Without hesitation, she responded that (it was)
when she was able to tell her mother that she did not have to take in
any more washing. The reporter asked, "What did your mother give you?"

Marian Anderson responded, "Everything she had."

That's greatness, and giving everything we have is our key to greatness. 

"Believe in giving before you - receive!"

Get your own Make1c portal = LOTS of services for free
AND THEN: give it away for free like crazy! Goto

===> Goals
Mark Twain once claimed he could teach anyone how to get
whatever they wanted. But lamented that he couldn't find anyone
who truly knew what they WANTED, grin grin

And it's still as true today as it was in Mark Twain's time.

Well, think of + consider the following thoughts..........

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as
what you become by achieving your goals."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"You must have long range goals to keep you from being
frustrated by short range failures."
Charles C. Noble

"Unless the distant goals of meaning, greatness, and destiny are
addressed, we can't make an intelligent decision about what to
do tomorrow morning--much less set the long-term strategy for a
company. Nothing is more practical than for people to deepen
Peter Koestenbaum

"Goals give you more than a reason to get up in the morning;
they are an incentive to keep you going all day. Goals tend to
tap the deeper resources and draw the best out of life."
Harvey Mackay

"Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do to
guarantee your personal, professional and financial success.
Goals are like a road map to your target destination. Each goal
accomplished is another mile behind you on the way to where you
want to be."
Mark Victor Hansen
SMART Goals by Jim Rohn

SMART means
    S  Specific,
    M  Measurable,
    A  Attainable,
    R  Realistic, and
    T  Time-sensitive.

I really like this acronym SMART, because we want to be
smart when we set our goals. We want to intelligently decide
what our goals will be so that we can actually accomplish
them. We want to set the goals that our heart conceives,
that our mind believes and that our bodies will carry out.
Let's take a closer look at each of the components of
SMART goals:

SPECIFIC: Goals are no place to waffle. They are no place to
be vague. Ambiguous goals produce ambiguous results.
Incomplete goals produce incomplete futures.

When we are specific, we harness the power of our dreams and
set forces into action that empower us to achieve our goals.
We then know exactly what it is we are shooting for. There
is no question. As we establish our priorities and manage
our time, we do so for a specific goal to achieve the
results we expect. There is no wondering or guessing. The
future is locked into our minds and we see it -
specifically - and that is powerful! Never underestimate
just how important it is to have very specific, concrete
goals. They act as magnets that draw you toward them!
A SMART goal is specific.

MEASURABLE: Always set goals that are measurable. I would
say "specifically measurable" to take into account our
principle of being specific as well. Our goals should be
such that we know when we are advancing and by how much.
Whether it is by hours, pounds, dollars or whatever, we
should be able to see exactly how we are measuring up as we
proceed through the journey of life using our goals. Could
you imagine if you didn't measure your goals? You would
never know which way you were going or even if you were
going anywhere! A SMART goal is measurable.

ATTAINABLE: One of the detrimental things that many people
do - and they do it with good intentions - is to set goals
that are so high they are unattainable. Yes, it is very
important to set big goals that cause your heart to soar
with excitement, but it is also imperative to make sure that
they are attainable. In the next section we talk about being
realistic. So what does it mean to be attainable? An
attainable goal is one that is both realistic but also
attainable in a shorter period of time than what you have to
work with. Now when I say attainable, I don't mean easy. Our
goals should be set so they are just out of our reach; so
they will challenge us to grow as we reach forward to
achieve them. After the next paragraph, I will give you an
example of a goal that is both attainable and realistic.
A SMART goal is attainable.

REALISTIC: The root word of realistic is "real." A goal has
to be something that we can reasonably make "real" or a
"reality" in our lives. There are some goals that simply are
not realistic. You have to be able to say, even if it is a
tremendously stretching goal, that yes, indeed, it is
entirely realistic -- that you could make it. You may even
have to say that it will take x, y, and z to do it, but if
those happen, then it can be done. This is in no way to say
it shouldn't be a big goal, but it must be realistic. This
is to a great degree, up to the individual. For one person a
goal may be realistic, but for another unrealistic. I would
encourage you to be very honest with yourself as you do your
planning and evaluation. Perhaps it would be good to get a
friend to help you (as long as that friend is by nature an
optimist and not a pessimist). This can go a long way toward
helping you know what is realistic. A SMART goal is

Example of Attainable and Realistic: Knowing that perhaps
you could use a bit of help differentiating attainable and
realistic, here is an example: You are overweight and have
150 pounds to lose to get to your proper weight. Is that
goal attainable? Yes, considering that you also make it
realistic. For example, it isn't realistic to think you can
do it in 5 months. 18-24 months would be realistic (with
hard work). Thus, losing 150 pounds in 2 years is both
attainable and realistic, while losing 150 pounds in
5 months is neither attainable nor realistic.

TIME: Every goal should have a timeframe attached to it.
I think that life itself is much more productive for us as
humans because there is a timeframe connected to it. Could
you imagine how much procrastination there would be on earth
if people never died? We would never get "around to it." We
could always put it off. One of the powerful aspects of a
great goal is that it has an end, a time in which you are
shooting to accomplish it. You start working on it because
you know there is an end. As time goes by you work because
you don't want to get behind. As it approaches, you work
diligently because you want to meet the deadline. You may
even have to break down a big goal into different measured
 parts time frames. That is okay. Set smaller goals and work
them out in their own time. A SMART goal has a

Be sure to spend some reflection time this week to make sure
your goals fit the SMART parameters. Go through the
reflection questions and the action points associated with
them. Doing so will put a real engine in your goals and make
them charged with power to help you accomplish your dreams.

Let's do something remarkable!
Jim Rohn

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business philosopher of the US + a gr8 entrpreneur himself and
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WARRIOR'S SONG by William E. Bailey

The sun kisses a mountain top
And glistens on its face of snow,
And slowly climbs into the sky above
And lights the valley below.

For each of us that this day awakes
A miracle takes place.
For once again we walk our earth
And own all upon its face.

And the past regrets and foolish fears
Of yesterday's cloudy mind,
Are washed away by the light of day
And seem so far behind.

For each of us is reborn each day,
Our life renews again.
And with the help of God we will find a cause
That makes us want to win.

For a man without a goal in life
Is a man already dead.
His mind wanders from place to place,
And he walks with feet of lead.

He has no reason to stretch his mind,
No spirit to stir his soul.
His name is not even in the book,
When destiny calls the roll.

Better to take the wine of life
And drink both deep and long--
Greet each day 'cause you're here to stay,
And sing your warrior's song.

For the battle of life is joined, and
You might fight long and true.
For in this strife, it's the game of your life
And the only loser is you.

Gird up your loins with courage
And answer the trumpets call,
And lose or win, you can say at the end,
This was the greatest of all!

--William E Bailey---

William E. Bailey is a respected speaker and author and is
regarded by Jim Rohn and Les Brown as a mentor.
Mr. Bailey is a Horatio Alger Award recipient and founder
of a 620 million dollar a year enterprise in the early 70's.
One of Mr. Bailey's works, "The Rhythms of Life," contains
poems and philosophical writings including the Warrior's Song.
This special book is available at JimRohn`s sute
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===> Golden Rule

Be warned: this passage is a litte bit long. Why?
Am I, Norbert, the author of this marketing course, a priest or what?
Not at all, grin.....
Well, its important to understand the LAWS, that make the world - and the
business world (!) go round.

Of course, this is NOT written for you!
Of course (!) YOU are (!) applying (!) the Golden Rule (!) always (!),
aren`t you?

But perhaps you do know lets say two, three or maybe four people who are NOT.
In THIS case you can send these people to this passage...... grin, grin, grin....

OK, in ALL earnest now that is possible keep on reading......

The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule or the ethic of reciprocity is found in the scriptures of
nearly EVERY religion. It is often regarded as the most concise and general
principle of ethics. It is a condensation in one principle of all longer
lists of ordinances such as the Decalogue.

There are several wordings:

"Treat others as YOU want to be treated."

Golden Rule in the New Testament
In short: Matthew 7:12
"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this
sums up the Law and the Prophets."

In the whole CONTEXT:
Matthew 7
Judging Others

1"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge
others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be
measured to you.
3"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no
attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother,
'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank
in your own eye?

5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will
see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.
12So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for
this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Other wordings.

"Try your best to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, and
you will find that this is the shortest way to benevolence."
Confucianism. Mencius VII.A.4

Tzu-kung asked, 'Is there a single word which can be a guide to conduct
throughout one's life?' The Master said, 'It is perhaps the word shu. Do not
impose on others what you yourself do not desire.'
Analects, 15.24

What is the Golden Rule all about?

The golden rule is endorsed by all the great world religions; Jesus, Hillel,
and Confucius used it to summarize their ethical teachings. And for many
centuries the idea has been influential among people of very diverse
cultures. These facts suggest that the golden rule may be an important moral
Let's consider an example of how the rule is used.

President Kennedy in 1963 appealed to the golden rule in an anti-segregation
speech at the time of the first black enrollment at the University of Alabama.

Kennedy asked whites to
consider what it would be like to be treated as second class citizens
because of skin color. Whites were to imagine themselves being black - and
being told that they couldn't vote, or go to the best public schools, or eat
at most public restaurants, or sit in the front of the bus.
Would whites be content to be treated that way? He was sure that they
wouldn't - and yet this is how they treated others.
He said the "heart of the question is ...whether we are going to treat our
fellow Americans as we want to be treated."

The golden rule is best interpreted as saying:
"Treat others only in ways that you're willing to be treated in the same
exact situation."

To apply it,
you'd imagine yourself in the exact place of the other person on the
receiving end of the action. If you act in a given way toward another, and
yet are unwilling to be treated that way in the same circumstances, then you
violate the rule.

To apply the golden rule adequately,
we need knowledge and imagination. We need to know what effect our
actions have on the lives of others. And we need to be able to imagine
ourselves, vividly and accurately, in the other person's place on the
receiving end of the action. With knowledge, imagination, and
the golden rule, we can progress far in our moral thinking.

The golden rule is best seen as a consistency principle. It doesn't replace
regular moral norms. It isn't an infallible guide on which actions are right
or wrong; it doesn't give all the answers. It only prescribes consistency -
that we not have our actions (toward another) be out of harmony with our
desires (toward a reversed situation action). It tests our moral coherence.
If we violate the golden rule, then we're violating the spirit of fairness
and concern that lie at the heart of morality.

The golden rule, with roots in a wide range of world cultures, is well
suited to be a STANDARD to which different cultures could appeal in
resolving conflicts. As the world becomes more and more a single interacting
global community, the need for such a common standard is becoming more

Want to know a bit more?
The golden rule organization (GRO) offers self help books and a unique
You can even read some chapters for free at

The Golden Rule
is far more than just a "have a nice day" casual principle. It can also be
so powerful as to change the world. Here's a short, wonderful OLD PARABLE,
that does a pretty good job of giving an example of that:

BTW: just in case that it SHOULD happen that you`ll have a rather selfish
Ask him (or her): do you want my answer the soft or the BRUTAL way? (= old
rethorical trick!)
Many will answer: ok, give it to me the brutal way.......
And then: copy the following parable and email it.

Here you are: the parable now for you......

There was a man who died and was being taken to heaven by angels. The angels
said to him, "We are going to take you to heaven, but first we will show you

The angels then took him to a place where there was a great bowl, so great
that it was as big as a lake. The bowl was filled with a nutritious stew.
All the way around the sides of this bowl were people. Emaciated, starving,
miserable people. These people had spoons to eat the stew with, and the
spoons were long enough to reach the stew (about 12 feet).

The trouble was,
while they could scoop up the stew into the spoon, they could not get it
into their mouths because the spoons were too long. So here were all these
pathetic people, suffering and moaning in agony, constantly trying to eat
the food that was abundantly in front of them - all in vain.

Next, the angels took the man to heaven.

To his surprise, he saw the same scene! There it was, a giant lake-like bowl of the same stew, surrounded by people with 12 foot long spoons. Yet something was different here - all these people were smiling, happy, and healthy looking!

"Why? What is the difference here that these people are happy and well
fed?", the man said to the angels.

They replied, "Have you not eyes to see?". The man looked more carefully,
and observed that one person would scoop up the stew, and bring it to the
mouth of another. Then someone else would scoop up stew and feed it to the

The angels smiled and said, "Here the people feed each other. Here are the
people that learned the way of Love."

The above story uses a striking allegorical fantasy to clearly illustrate a
fundamental difference between a world of people who are looking out for
themselves first, and a world of people who make caring for others their
first priority. That's what the Golden Rule is all about. The story
exemplifies living by the Golden Rule, or not living by it, in a nutshell.

===> Expanding the Golden Rule will assist YOU to expand YOUR business and
to enjoy greater profits. How??

If you are a biz owner, a  business leaders or a business-newbie, when it comes to:
how to partner with your customers, employees, suppliers, downliners, friends or
whomsoever, the answer is:
"caring enough about others to do unto them as THEY would have you do unto them"

In other words Golden Rule Management means: "GR + GR" , grin, eg:
Give Respect, Get Results!

Ah, you want even MORE about that topic? There is a book out there with
exactly THIS title: Golden Rule Management: Give Respect, Get Results
by Stephen J. Holoviak

Editorial Reviews
With a simple, one-sit reading, managers learn how to boost productivity
without the frustration of "selling" upper management on any expensive
programs, training, seminars, or equipment. Success stories from the
author's work fill this book, bringing to life the many ways that Golden
Rule management can be successfully used.

Here is a review: Dana from Little Rock Arkansas
This book is well written with many of the concepts being adapted from the
management theories found in management texts. The difference is that they
are outlined and written in an easy to understand format. Specific
suggestions and steps are included in each chapter. Examples of real life
implementation of these principles by managers and organizations are also
included and make the theories seem achievable. The results are increased
employee satisfaction, employee empowerment, greater productivity and a
realization that all employees are an important asset to any organization.

See 4 yourself

Questions to ponder:
- What kind ot thoughts have I myself about the Golden Rule?
- Do I myself apply the Golden Rule?
  -- Sometimes or on a regular basis?
  -- In my private life only OR even in business contextS?
- HOW can I manage to apply the Golden Rule on a daily basis in my private
  AND my business life?

"Believe in giving before you - receive!"

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===> Gratitude

"For nothing are people more grateful than for - gratitude."
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Thus make sure that you WILL show YOUR gratitude OFTEN :-)


===> Guestbook
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