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Norbert Sczepanski
Geldernstr. 107a, 50739 Cologne, Germany
             Phone 49 - 221 - 28 32 988
             From 11 AM until 6 PM Berlin Paris Time
Born 1948
Studies: Law, Psychology and Medicine
Former Medical Director
Entrepreneur on the Net since September, 2000
Business NLP Master
Make1c Executive Director (Europe)
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Contact me using phone or email
phone 49 - 221 - 28 32 988
From 11 AM until 6 PM Berlin Paris Time
Lots of success to YOU and to all of
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Make it a great day!
"My goal is simple - helping YOU achieve YOURS!"
Best regards
Norbert Sczepanski
PS: "At the beginning there was the - ACTION" Goethe
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