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Marketing Course from A - Z! Free!  Frequently Asked Questions Concerning  Marketing + Promoting on the Net PLUS:

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"To get UNusual results you have to take UNusual measures!"

"Who knows what it is good for!"

"There is nothing of good except - you DO good"

"At the beginning there was the -  ACTION"


"The Internet's new reality! Do it your way!"
"It is your Internet! Profit from it!"
"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!"
Napoleon Hill

"The Internet is the greatest engine of wealth the world has ever known!"
Forbes Magazine
"Small businesses who use the Internet have grown 46% faster than those that do not!"  -  American City Business Journals


From the desk of:
Norbert Sczepanski

- Former Medical Director
- Entrepreneur on the Net since September, 2000
- Business NLP Master
- Make1c Marketing Director
- Fisherkings Teamleader

Geldernstr. 107a, 50739 Cologne - Germany
Phone: 49 - 221 - 28 32 988
From 11 AM until 6 PM Berlin Paris Time



Hi and welcome :-)

You are very serious about your business and how to do that necessary
promotion and that necessary marketing on the net, aren`t you?

Ask yourself these questions:
- Would I like to discover what REALLY works for building MY home biz online?

- Would I like to be able to manage my time around my family rather than
  managing my family around my time?

- Would I like a business with a secure future? For FREE?

- Do I need a steady stream of prospects for my home biz?

- Am I willing to give my hard WORK at my PC to start promoting my very own
  business for FREE?

 - Do I understand that I really need a SYSTEM of support that will provide
   me with proven techniques and sound guidance for marketing + promoting on
   the net?

And furthermore ask yourself these important questions in addtion:

- Would I like to discover the meaning of WIIFM = whats in it for ME?
- Would I like to discover the meaning of TIISG = turn it into something good?
- Would I like to discover the meaning of WK-WII-GF = who knows what it is
  good for?
- Would I like to get HYPNOTIC News, Views, Tips, Secrets + More for free?

No matter what type of business you are involved in, or want to be involved
in, here you will find the information you need to become successful.
You want to take a closer look around here?
You want to get serious? You want to take control of YOUR Future?
You want that - now?

OK, welcome - you are at the right place here!
You`ll find nearly, grin, all what YOU need in order to do a good marketing
and promoting for your business on the net - - - on this site.
And: you`ll find this great and valuable stuff in alphabetical order.

So you`ll have a very easy and good orientation to find here whatever you

Finding valuable information on the Net is like drinking water from a fire
hydrant - until now.

You`ll find valuable information, tips, trick and hints on how to marketing
and promoting on the net in order to get THE success that YOU want.

Read + work through this site as YOU like it.

Perhaps at first you want to take a quick overview and want to scroll down
without reading the details? This way you would get a first impression on
whats going on here........

After that action make your start and go into detail:

perhaps you`ll start with "A" like "ads".......

or you`ll start with "C" like context (highly reommended, grin)

or you`ll start with"S" like strategy (highly recommended, too, grin)

or perhaps you`ll start with the letter "Q" to learn what exactly is:

THE miracle question = THE first wonder-working question? And what exactly is:
THE suppose humor question = THE second wonder-working question?
Or you`ll start again with "S" like secret... of course there IS a secret
concerning how to make $$$$$ on the net..... dont get confused by other
people, there WAS a secret all the time and there close attention
to the story of the old goldminers and the shop-owners, grin

......perhaps you`ll start with another letter - just do it YOUR way!


you are on one of the sites of Norbert Sczepanski, Cologne, Germany.

I am a fulltime internet entrepreneur and one of the Executive Directors
(Europe) of Make1c. Make1c is probably the largest service portal on the net

This Make1c portal has 3000+ services under only 1 url and it is free to
sign up :-)

In other words:

if you are ready to get your very own Make1c portal here - THEN you never have to search for valuable tools again, because Make1c is adding new services each and every day. More about the topic "Make1c" you`ll find below.

Especially on the net you can NOT do it alone, you need other folks to help,
assist and support you. Apropos: support.......

As Jim Rohn says:
"We could all use a little coaching. When you're playing the game,
it's hard to think of everything."
So, when you have further question - you can always email me + I will
definitly be glad to help, assist and support you!

Remember: I am always one email away from you :-)

You can even phone me - if you want to do so!

Phone number: 49 - 221 - 28 32 988

From 11 AM until 6 PM Berlin Paris Time.


Allow to communicate a personal experience to you, please.
Its ONE way for you to get to know who is Norbert Sczepanski = me ;-)
and to get to know THE way of thinking that is offered here to YOU.......

During my two years of apprenticeship with a German millionaire, BTW:
a SHE (!) millionaire, I heard this quote for the first time:

"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
William Jennings Bryan

Not only quoted this she-millionaire this quote often by itself,
but this quote was printed on EVERY (!) page of our written
teaching material.

You can say with complete justification SHE really "hammered"
this quote into our brains :-)

You can imagine: every time SHE gave us a new personal lesson
I put my heart and soul in it, so to speak.

To make a long story short:
Finally I earned more money doing my PART-time offline job with HER
than later on when I worked FULL-time as a medical director of a clinic.
How is that?

Why - the heck - am I telling you this? Do I want to boast?
Not at all.

Well, you have guessed the reason why almost already:

I DO want to give you an example what is possible - even PART-time and OFFline!
And now imagine ====> the possibilities ONline :-)

And here you are: this is a special invitation to you.

Memorize this quote:
"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
William Jennings Bryan

Learn it by heart, stick it on your PC, do whatever you want, but:
hammer this quote in YOUR brain :-)

"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice (!)
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved (!)"
William Jennings Bryan

Thats what the so called "entrepreneurial mindset" is all about.
You`ll read - below under the letter E -  about entrepreneurial mindset
that is a decisive factor when it comes to the question:

How can YOU make YOUR very own success on the net?

Well, wish you now:

happy reading, happy learning + last not least: happy acting (!) here.


=========> Oops - nearly forgotten:

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"My goal is simple - helping YOU achieve YOURS!"

Best wishes for now.

To YOUR success :-)

Norbert Sczepanski


PS 1: Want some details about me?

OK, goto

PS 2:

To ask you these simple few questions right at the start here:

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With gr8 methods of advertising and multiple income streams,
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Speaking of support:

Where else can eg a guy from Indonisia get a 4 (in words: FOUR) hours lesson
from one of the Make1c admins? Life? And free?

BTW: this Make1c admin - it was me :-)

That is a USD $ 800 value! Imagine: for FREE!

That is what Make1c names "support".
Thus sign up just right now to get your very own Make1c for free:


You`ll notice that below you will NOT only find lots of important links, but you will find lots of short - and sometimes longer- text passages in addition.

There was no interest on my site - lets say - to write here some 10 or 20
novels / ebooks about each + every topic, grin. Your time is valuable and so
is mine.

because aphorisms deliver "wisdom in short", so to speak,
you`ll find some gr8 aphorisms here, too,
eg from Mark Twain, Henry Ford, Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Theodore Roosevelt, William James, Albert
Einstein and so on........

Please do not overlook them, but read, consider and ACT on them!
Most of them are real little "gems" and perhaps you`ll learn a LOT
from these gems of wisdom. Who knows?


PS 3: last but NOT least: VERY important.......

Why so much text about "personal development" in this marketing course? Well, simple: because * your * personal development is decisive to the UTMOST extent in order to succeed on the net!

There are, of course, many, many reasons why people fail on the net. But one of the MAIN reasons is: lack of entrepreneurial mindset (!) and lack of behavior and ACTING like an entrepreneur!

IF you have NOT got for instance self-discipline, the willingness to work VERY hard and that means: to work MUCH more than most people and above all:

=========> perseverence,

to mention only these THREE features / ways of behavior (of course, there are many, many more!) -  then you will NOT make it on the net.

In other words: when people think, behave and act like employees then they`ll get the results of employees - it is that simple.

Thus it is a MUST: you have to think, behave and ACT like an entrepreneur eg you must have an entrepreneurial mindset!

And its a proven fact that most people - an estimated 95 % (!) - do NOT have got this entrepreneurial mindset. 

These people build a mini-site, put some affiliate banners on it, embed this mini-site in some search engines and then sit back and wait for the money that will now definitly flood in - grin, grin. That is quite a brilliant recipe for failure, of course.

They do no marketing, no promoting, no building up relationships, no sponsoring, they do not answer their downliner`s emails for help, they do not have the faintest idea about

how to * effectively * use the safelists,

how to * effectively * use the surf 4 hits sites, 

how to * effectively * use SYSTEMS generally

how to * effectively * use in particular these wonder-working free traffic producing SYSTEMS called MLA`s = multi level advertisers = 1000,s and 1000s and even 10,000s (!) of helpers (!) all over the world (!) who will really love (!) to do their (!)advertising (!) - and so on and so forth.......

Thus, this is a very simple but true general rule:

without entrepreneurial mindset nobody can succeed on the net.

Well, do yourself the "favor of the day", so to speak, go to letter E and read there about the important details of an entrepreneurial mindset and above all: how to achieve it - just in case that YOU are not among the lucky ones that already think, behave and act OFFline and ONline like an entrepreneur :-)

===> Winner

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently."
Henry Ford

Many people have observed that if YOU do the things that
winners do, YOU WILL get the results that winners get :-)
Attend the workshops.  Read the books.  Listen to the tapes.

Take your personal development seriously + invest in yourself, in your
business, and in creating the life you TRULY want.
In the end, small differences make all the difference and ONE idea, ONE
insight, ONE comment can open doors you've been knocking on for years.

NOW is the time to take ACTION!



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